Profile Of The Chief Executive Officer.

Mrs. Oyindamola Sonola is an experienced and qualified education consultant and trainer with over 30 years of teaching, consulting and administrative experience. She has featured prominently at various training workshops organized by worldwide renowned organizations such as HighScope, UNICEF, Cambridge, DEEPEN and OMEP.

She has also associated with high profile Nigerian capacity building training programs such as the Lagos State Government- ‘Eko Project’, sponsored by the World Bank, collaborated with Accelerated Learning Systems, Nigeria & UK and Cambridge and DEEPEN Project on school improvement services for private low cost
primary schools in Lagos state.

She is the first Nigerian HighScope endorsed trainer. HighScope is a research validated approach with Active learning as its core. The approach centers on the recognition and support of unique differences in learners, develops their creativity and self-confidence by giving them ownership of learning, building on what they can do. The approach also trains educators in the use of ‘free and found’ resources in the teaching and learning process.

Through use of HighScope approach in educational settings learners become decision makers and problem solvers. The HighScope approach can be adapted to teaching at all levels of education from Day care settings through Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools up to youth development programs and tertiary institutions.

Oyindamola Sonola is experienced teacher, coach, mentor and leader with a proven track record of organizational and technical skills which has enabled her to chair a number of conferences locally, nationally and internationally. She has a Master of Education in Guidance and Counseling, Certificate in Montessori education, certificate in Core Consulting, attended various training and workshops on Educational Management, leadership, Management and Curriculum Development both in Nigeria and abroad.

Mrs. Oyindamola Sonola (Founder & CEO)

Recognition, Initiatives, Projects & Research


Recognized as ‘2020 HighScope Hero’ to mark the 50th year of HighScope Education Research Foundation as a leading early childhood education research organization and
provider of high quality education, assessment and curriculum tools for young children. Oyindamola Sonola was selected based on her impactful work in the field of education.


Her project initiative- ‘Activity Based Low Cost, No Cost Project: Focus on Sustainable, Experiential, Play, Learning & Development’ submitted for the 2020 ESD OMEP Award was accorded ‘Honourary Mention’ by ESD & World OMEP.


Initiator ‘Skills for Life, Non-Cognitive & Entrepreneurship Transformative Education Beyond Academics’


Research Work- “Impact of Teacher Training on Teaching competencies and Students’
Learning outcomes”. Presented at 67th OMEP World Assembly & Conference in
Washington DC USA (July 2015).


Participation in the ‘Sustainable Education Enterprise Development’ (SEED): Training of
owners of low cost private schools in Lagos on sustainable ways to run schools on
effective business model.


Service provider for the Cambridge & Developing Effective Private Education Nigeria
(DEEPEN) Pilot Project on improvement of quality of education in low income private
primary schools (2 year intervention project).


Accredited Health & Safety Administrator with Lagos State Safety Commission. Involved in School Safety audit in Lagos State.


Service provider, Lagos EKO Secondary Education Project (Backed up by the World Bank). Created content facilitated and company trained Secondary School Principals, Vice Principals and subject teachers (4 year intervention programme).


Created content and facilitated at workshops; (local, national and international conferences) organized by OMEP (World Organization for Early Childhood Education concerned with children from birth to 8 years of age). OMEP Lagos chapter, OMEP Nigeria, OMEP Liberia, Cotre de Voire, Ghana, Republic of Benin, United States of America, Kenya etc.


Participated in UNICEF Research work on Key Household Practices in Ekiti State.


Collaborated with Unilag Consult and SUBEB in training of Linkage Teachers in Lagos
State nursery schools (Performance Improvement in Pedagogical Skills).


Created content and facilitated at UNICEF workshops for Caregivers-(Production and use
of Toys in UNICEF – Assisted Children’s centres).